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Priority Global is a company that is defined by its dedication to supporting businesses of all sizes on an international basis. The company began as a small operation in 2004 and in recent years has grown dramatically as the need for state of the art technological solutions and exceptional customer service differentiation became more important.

The company currently has three divisions, each with an exceptional appraoch realtive to their respective industries. Our company is more than a mere collection of great brands under one roof. Rather it's one with integrity that strives to gain a competitive edge.

Priority Global pushes its b2b and b2c solutions beyond the boundaries of what's expected from a technology-based company. We take the service-first approach to running an enterprise. Our flagship service - audio conferencing - has become an influential telecom and media company. Web and video conferencing were introduced shortly thereafter, followed by the addition of an online advertising division, with the goal of delivering high-quality communications services worldwide through multiple distribution channels.

What Defines Us?

  • High Impact
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Integrity

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Our Leadership

Saleem Richards
President / CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Richards has a background in marketing and media deals including work with the RDS and TSN network. He has a unique talent for spotting and capitalizing on business opportunities. For instance, he was directly involved with launching Figures, a chain of gyms catering exclusively to women in the Quebec market. Since 2001, he has been involved in marketing and promotions with his firm, TSAR Promotions. He also sits on the board of directors for TKO MMA Inc., a top Canadian martial arts entertainment company.

Dan Alper
Executive Vice President, Co-Founder

Mr. Alper’s professional experience encompasses specializations in sales, distribution, marketing, telecom, and IT. He has been involved in business development for large corporations, including Copernic Inc., Mamma.com, Insight Enterprises Inc., and Budget Conferencing Inc. He is an award-winning veteran in the search engine industry, an expert at monetizing online properties and managing online media placements. As business development manager at Mamma.com and Copernic Inc. he implemented new business strategies and developed strategic partnerships with other search engine companies such as Yahoo!, Infospace, Ask.com, and looksmart, among others. The business unit that Mr. Alper managed became the primary source of revenue for both Mamma.com and Copernic. As one of the first staff members at Budget Conferencing, Mr. Alper became one of the pioneering consultants in the conferencing industry.

Brian Rotsztein
Vice President of Online Marketing

Mr. Rotsztein has a highly successful track record, having started in the Internet marketing industry in 1997. His unique blend of cost-benefit analysis helps companies generate a significant return on their investments. Mr. Rotsztein founded two new media companies, both of which continue to be industry leaders in their respective specialties. He holds two Master's degrees and has taught at several universities.

What We Do

Priority Conferencing provides cost-effective conference call services to companies in over 100 countries. The company has an outstanding reputation for call clarity, the system's ease-of-use, customer support, and overall value. Its primary service is ecologically friendly and saves clients literally thousands of dollars per call.

Priority Meeting provides the next generation of web and video conferencing services. With its easy-to-use, feature-rich user interface, clients use the system for internal business meetings, sales meetings, webinars, virtual training sessions, and customer support via remote desktop access, among many other applications. Participants can join a meeting from virtually any computer and web browser. This service also works well in conjunction with the conference calls provided by Priority Conferencing.

Priority MediaNet focuses on developing cutting edge platforms that deliver technological convergence to users. Current trends in technology has us immersed in a multi-level convergent media world where all modes of communication and information are continually reforming to adapt to the enduring demands of technologies. We're changing the way people use the Internet and digital technology to create, consume, learn and interact with one another.

Press / News

(PRBuzz) -- With the implementation of increased cost-cutting measures and a re-assessment of expenditures, companies are turning to corporate conference call services to maintain international communications. One of the issues that continually crops up is how to get everyone in a meeting at the same place and time while maintaining a high level of productivity. The right conference call service is the best solution in many cases.

One of the barriers to using conference call services has been the confusion surrounding how it works. Many company staff members are too busy at their actual jobs to figure out how to work the more complicated conference call systems on the market.

Enter Priority Conferencing, a company with a simple approach and philosophy that corporations benefit from: Make it easy and cost-effective for businesses to make conference calls and they will.

Their plan is paying off. Companies with staff, prospective clients, investors, and other stakeholders can make easily make calls, including international calls, thanks to the toll-free system in place at Priority Conferencing.

The company's toll-free conference calls have been a hit in such distant countries as China where new business opportunities are opening up more than ever. Rather than expensive, time-consuming travel, especially during an economic downturn and recession, companies can easily keep in touch and get updates regarding their developments overseas.

Foreign conference calls are among the growth areas at Priority Conferencing as the corporate world continues to embrace this business method.

"We wanted to offer a system where companies could simply provide a phone number, set a call time and get their meeting going," says Dan Alper, Executive VP of Priority Conferencing. The result has been astounding as the company now provides one of the best toll-free conference call services in the business world.

Priority Conferencing provides toll-free access to countries around the world so a single company can easily designate a specific phone number to its staff and associates in each country. For example, considered among the most important countries for international trade, China and Canada, each have their own respective international toll-free conference call phone number. So if a company has 5 employees in China, they simply call the one toll-free number at the designated phone meeting time.

American or Canadian conference calls to China and vice versa are simplified because telecommunication is just a matter of making a phone call, with no prep time needed.

For more information about Priority Conferencing and international toll-free conference call services, visit www.priorityconferencing.com or call 1-866-817-3016.

(PRBuzz) -- Despite being in a highly competitive market, Priority Conferencing is closing out the year with their best annual results to date and looking forward to an even stronger 2013. One of the reasons behind the company's success is that it has been exceedingly successful with earnings calls and investor relations conference calls.

Priority Conferencing is ideal for medium and large moderated investor relations conference calls because of its capacity to handle multiple calls from around the world simultaneously. Corporations trust their technology in addition to their highly favorable pricing and easy-to-use system.

One of the added bonuses that is popular among callers is the option to use operator assistance which is available on all calls. This feature makes companies look professional and organized as they hold their meetings.

As its popularity continues to grow, Priority Conferencing is becoming a go-to place for getting investors, staff members, the executive board, analysts, and other stakeholders together by way of conference call. Regardless of their location nationally or internationally, key players and shareholders alike can get in on the call.

Another notable feature is that the system is reservationless, meaning that investors can plan a call weeks in advance or they can get going within minutes.

One of the most important aspects of Priority Conferencing calls is that they are telecom-based. In other words, they do not rely on voice over IP (VOIP) technology. VOIP can lead to unclear calls based on bandwidth limitations because they rely on an Internet connection. Since Priority Conferencing uses phone lines, the calls tend to be clearer from countries around the world.

"By definition, our conference call services are less expensive than traditional meetings because they can bring together so many individuals from across the globe simultaneously," says Dan Alper, Executive VP of Priority Conferencing.

In addition to the audio conference calls, Priority Meeting provides web and video conferencing services to companies around the world.

For more information on the company's corporate conference call plans, please visit www.priorityconferencing.com or call 1-866-817-3016.

(PRBuzz) -- As the economy has taken a turn for the worse over the last few years, one way companies have been cutting costs while reaping vast benefits is through the use of audio conference calls and video conferencing technology.

During economic downturns, companies slash budgets and lay off employees, often adding the workload onto the remaining staff members. This is among the worst parts of cutting back since the stress that is placed on the staff who are left behind.

For instance, picture the sales representative and business development teams who have greater pressure to perform, flying back and forth both nationally and worldwide trying to get deals closed. With conference calls and web conferencing, these teams can avoid the stresses of travel, save time with fewer flights, get projects closed faster, and communicate with business people all over the world quickly and easily. Not to mention the tremedous financial savings, especially in for international companies that continually fly employees around the world.

"We've been finding that companies using our conferencing services have been able to free up a significant amount of additional funds for the business while still closing deals," says Dan Alper, Executive VP for Priority Conferencing, a highly trusted conference call and web conferencing company.

It comes as no surprise that web conferencing is expected to see double digit growth, according to one recent report. Aside from the obvious fact that more companies want to cut down on expenses, there are several other key elements that have companies signing up with Priority Conferencing in droves.

Employees are less stressed out about traveling, especially when they consider the travel extraneous or have less time to spend with their families.

"Conference calls are among the few services that can be just as productive as a traditonal business tool but have the added advantage of simulatenously cutting down on expenses while increasing employee work satisfaction," Alper continued.

Powerful business tools like conferencing services are a rare win-win-win situation in the business world. Companies, their employees, and the environment all benefit from the service.

For more information, please visit www.prioritymeeting.com and www.priorityconferencing.com (part of the Priority Global brand of services). You can also email the company at press@priorityglobal.com.

(PRBuzz) -- In a continued effort to provide affordable web meeting tools to the global market, Priority Meeting, a web and video conferencing solution has become a necessity for companies that want to remain competitive in today's tough, make-or-break business world.

Priority Meeting provides companies with the opportunity to have face-to-face business meetings with staff, sales representatives and clients who are in different physical locations. The company provides an extremely cost-effective, easy-to-use web-based interface where these individuals can log in and see and talk to each other. The plethora of additional features is staggering and enhances the product in ways that far too many businesses still don't know are possible.

"Screen sharing is a powerful way to bring people in diverse locations together. Industry leaders from around the world appreciate the wide range of cost-saving video and web conferencing services we offer," said Dan Alper, executive vice president of Priority Meeting. "We're proud to play such an integral role in so many business success stories."

This renowned online conferencing company provides a long list of services proven to save companies time and money. Be it video or web conferences, the highly versatile service is globally unmatched when accounting for price, reliability and customer service.

Rather than throwing away money on travel expenses and losing otherwise productive and typically stressing travel time, Priority Meeting connects organizations and businesses instantly through the worldwide web in a simple, but effective format.

With Priority Meeting, companies, organizations and even government agencies are sharing desktops, giving sales presentations, conducting webinars or even providing online training in a real-time setting. Use of their conferencing software provides an unprecedented opportunity for any organization that wants to reach out to today's rich global market via a reliable communication platform.

Studies have shown that virtual conferencing is the most cost effective way to communicate and it often brings better results than physical meetings as participants are provided such a wide-range of communication tools to use in the comfort of their home or office. In fact, it is recommended that Priority's conference call services be added to any online meeting in order to take the greatest advantage of their services.

For more information, please visit the company's website www.prioritymeeting.com (part of the Priority Global brand of services).

(PRBuzz) -- Face to face meetings among staff, sales representatives, clients, and prospects may become a relic of past business practices thanks to a thriving conference call industry. With innovative companies such as Priority Conferencing, corporations can easily replace elaborate and expensive business travel with a simple phone call.

"The current cost of doing business where a lot of travel is involved is becoming unsustainable," says Dan Alper, EVP of Priority Conferencing. Most industry insiders would tend to agree with that assessment. "We provide companies with a cost-effective, powerful alternative."

His company provides conference calling services which give businesses the opportunity to cut down on travel expenses by getting everyone in touch by phone at a mutually convenient time. Not only do companies save by not having to pay for employee travel, conference calls reduce the stresses associated with travel such as fatigue, lack of productivity, and being away from family and friends.

"Our clients see that many business trips take their toll on employees and when they realize how easy it is to integrate a simple phone call into their schedules, the decision to use our services becomes obvious," Alper continued.

One of the most well-known companies in the conference calling industry, Priority Conferencing (PriorityConferencing.com) was founded in 2004. They are known for providing exceptional value through pricing, ease of use and top notch customer service. Clients are given a phone number and a specific code which they distribute to the people who will be on the call. At a pre-determined time, everyone calls the number, enters the code and they are in. This simple system is convenient, easy, and best of, very cost-effective.

The company's website highlights how business travel is an environmentally conscious choice and goes onto offer a detailed breakdown of how companies can save thousands of dollars for each call that replaces a trip.

To join the businesses that are taking advantage of Priority Conferencing, visit their website www.priorityconferencing.com (conference calls). The company also provides web and video conferencing through Prioritymeeting.com.

(MMD Newswire) -- Priority Conferencing, a leader in the realm of conference call services, has re-invigorated the Canadian conference call marketplace with the launch of their new website, PriorityConferencing.ca. The revamped site comes in response to an increasing need for leading edge technological solutions for businesses in Canada that allows them to compete internationally. The new website also demonstrates the highly beneficial value-added features of their conference call services.

"The high quality of service that we have provided to our clients over the last few years has been a roaring success. The new website allows us to reach a broader audience and continue to help businesses cut down on travel and meeting expenses," says Dan Alper, EVP of Priority Conferencing.

"We believe that an extremely easy to use service - coupled with remarkable call quality - should be made available to businesses of all sizes and in any region of the world. We've made Priority Conferencing available online towards that end," Alper continued.

Growing rapidly since its birth in 2004, Priority Conferencing has become a noteworthy competitor with regards to high-quality business communications. They have succeeded in combining competitve pricing with excellent service. "Achieving an excellent level of call quality was very important, and we've excelled on that front," Alper added.

The company made accessibility a priority so that businesses of all sizes could use their services. By focusing on competitive pricing, they have allowed the size of a business to become a non-issue as companies decide on which conference call provider to use.

Priority Conferencing is of the opinion that today's economical and ecological climates provide fertile soil for forward-thinking solutions. The company's services translate directly to savings. Both financial and environmental resources are aided by their service. The benefit to Priority Conferencing clients is a low-cost, leading edge business-to-business/business-to-client communication solution that reduces travel. This is an effective time-saving alternative.

The audio conferencing company's emphasis on client support is evidenced by their 24/7 live operator and system monitoring features. They also offer a free demo, allowing interested clients to experience the ease-of-use and clarity of their conference calls.

There's been a clear increase in the number of Montreal companies that are embracing environmentally-friendly business practices. Not only do these businesses believe that being green is great for the environment, but that it makes financial sense.

April 15, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- PEAU esthétique médicale, a clinic specializing in cosmetic medicine, has made efforts in several areas of human and environmental health and some of the main 'green' initiatives revolve around purchasing local, low emitting and eco-friendly materials, and increasing water efficiency through the use of low-flow systems.

The decision to become environmentally conscious has been taken to a higher level as PEAU has registered its project with the Canada Green Building Council to obtain LEED certification. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized certification system. It provides independent third-party verification which confirms that the facility was designed and built using green strategies.

"PEAU promotes self-enhancement, rejuvenation and wellness and teaches people to 'sustain themselves'. What better way to connect these concepts to our social duty towards global wellness and earthly enhancement. 'Going Green' is beautiful!" says Bhavna Khanna, Managing Director at PEAU.

Another expression of the trend toward environmentally-friendly practices can be seen in the new media and advertising industries, as companies are finding ways to reduce waste while simultaneously becoming more productive.

The time was right for Uniseo, a highly respected Internet marketing and web design company. After years of relying on localized systems, the company completely overhauled its process for managing clients, sales, and staff members.

Among several new environmentally-friendly company policies, perhaps the most significant is the switch to cloud computing. Cloud computing is a popular trend where companies use the Internet as a central resource to manage various aspects of a project. Employees can log in and make constructive, on-going changes from anywhere in the world.

"Cloud computing has really had an effect on our productivity," says Brian Rotsztein, CEO of Uniseo. "We have drastically reduced the amount of paper use in the office and simultaneously found it significantly easier to keep track of projects. The company's flexibility, scalability, and maintenace have all been improved as a by-product of our desire to become a greener enterprise."

In the telecommunications realm, new technology is helping businesses drastically cut costs, decrease employee stress, and increasing staff work satisfaction by reducing business travel.

"It simply makes economic sense to go green," says Dan Alper, EVP of Priority Conferencing, one of the longest-running providers of corporate conference call services.

Alper's company provides cost-effective web conferencing services for businesses, training seminars, and the education world. By using a simple, feature-rich interface, companies can easily use the Internet to hold meetings with employees, sales representatives, and clients around the world. Everyone logs in from their own computer and can see one another. The system also offers services such as webinars and remote desktop support.

"Why spend thousands of dollars to bring staff into the head office for a 2-hour meeting when you can use your laptop from wherever you're located," Alper added. Not only do web, video, and audio conferencing services save companies millions of dollars in travel expenses, they reduce environmental damage (such as decreased fuel usage and fewer flights), increase corporate scheduling flexibility, and decrease travel-related stress.

The printing industry is also changing. "Increasingly more organizations are asking for business cards and other items made from recycled paper and we're happy to help them," says Lori Chazonoff, partner in Chaz Consultants, a well-established printing and promotional products company. In addition to printing, the company has devoted an extensive section of its website to eco-friendly promotional products.

(PRWEB) -- Priority Conferencing, one of the leading players in the audio conferencing space, has announced that it has signed a strategic alliance with top Internet marketing services provider Uniseo to further its reach in the business-to-business audio conferencing industry.

Priority Conferencing, a conference call provider that began operations in 2004, has grown to become a competitive force in the industry.

Uniseo (www.uniseo.com) is a leading strategic Internet marketing company that provides professional ROI-based Internet consulting, training, and marketing services.

In the current economy, the survival of many companies will depend on their Internet-based innovations. Maintaining an effective online presence continues to play an important role for Priority Conferencing.

After several months of searching and negotiations, the partnership seemed ideally suited for both companies.

"We dedicated significant resources to find the ideal company to examine our marketing strategies," says Dan Alper, Executive Vice President of Priority Conferencing. "We're selective when it comes to choosing partners and we believe that this agreement will enhance our online presence and help to solidify our position as one of the top players in the conferencing industry."

"Priority Conferencing is a popular brand name in the conferencing industry and we're elated to have been selected as their partner," says Brian Rotsztein, CEO of Uniseo. "Marketing in the business to business environment is never easy, especially given that the Internet is more complex than ever. This presents a challenge that we're ready for."

The conference call industry continues to flourish, especially since the costs associated with corporate travel continue to rise. Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological advances is now firmly established as a very important part of modern business life. Priority Conferencing provides companies with a cost-effective means of communication between individuals and businesses in multiple locations.

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